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Canine: Pet Corner

Sick or well, young or old, our pets are part of our families.

Children and Pets (3)
Dog Urine Damage to Yards
 Many of you may have dogs and also want a well manicured lawn. Urine and feces in small amounts can cause a green up or fertilizer effect. However, dog urine in large amounts can cause dead brown patches surrounded by a green outside ring called lawn burn.
Holidays (3)
 Safety tips to help you avoid holiday hazards and enjoy the holidays
How Much for that Doggy in the Window?
 Have you ever wondered where all of those puppies come from? Sadly, many of them are products of puppy mills, also known as puppy farms or commercial breeders. A puppy mill is any establishment that produces dogs on a large scale for profit. In the old nature vs. nurture argument, puppy mills consistently fall short.
Pet Connection (576)
 One of America's leading pet experts shares her tips and stories on living with pets!
Pet Loss (4)
 Losing your friend is never easy. We hope in some small way this information will help you deal with your loss
Travel (1)
 Things to consider before traveling with your pet

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