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Canine: Diseases

It's often hard to understand everything your veterinarian told about your pet's disease when you are in the exam room and worried about your pet. Here is some information that you can use in your leisure

Diseases by Name (245)
Diseases by Organ/Body System (286)
 Often it is common to know what organ system is involved in a disease and want to know some of the possibilities. Our lists are not meant to be complete groupings of the only possible diseases afflicting an organ system but they do provide a starting point for one's research. Here, we list diseases categorized by their organ system.
Infectious Diseases and Parasites (64)
 Pets can be infested with external parasites and infected by internal ones. Here are some topics relevant to these agents.
Surgery & Anesthesia (17)
 Sometimes pets need surgery in order for them to stay healthy. Surgery might be a preventive procedure like a spay or a neuter or it might be an emergency procedure to save a life. Here is our growing list of topics.

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