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Small Mammal: Behavior

Why do your pets do what they do, and what can you do about it? Check out advice and ideas from our veterinarians and other experts on animal behavior!

Getting a New Pet (4)
 What can you do to make bringing a new animal into your home as easy as possible on everyone, including the pet? How can you be sure your pets will get along with each other? How can you introduce them to give the greatest chance of success?
Rabbit Natural Behavior
 Don't expect your new rabbit to act like a puppy or kitten. Remember, how they live in the wild and what they are naturally adapted to do. Have fun with your bunny and enjoy the species you have chosen to take into your home. We are blessed to be able to share our space with a creature that is in reality little changed from its wild ancestors, but has adapted to life with us crazy humans in spite of it all!
Reducing the Risk of Ferret Bites
 Sometimes it seems like life just isn't fair to the ferret. All sorts of Animal Regulation Departments regard the ferret as an Enemy of the State. If you are a ferret owner it is important to know the law in your area and consider the liabilities.

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