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Canine: Behavior

Why do your pets do what they do, and what can you do about it? Check out advice and ideas from our veterinarians and other experts on animal behavior!

Common Behavior Problems (40)
 Just because a problem is common, doesn't mean it can't drive you crazy! Find out how to deal with the most frequently encountered pet behavior problems.
Dog Training Tips (49)
 Sit... stay... heel... come! We know you want a well-behaved dog! And well-behaved dogs are happier, too, because it's easier for them to be part of the family.
Ed Eames’ Contributions to People with Disabilities
 See the award-winning video, “Partners in Independence.”
Fears, Anxiety, and Aggression in Dogs (37)
 These behavior problems are some of the most serious that dog owners have to face, and some, especially anxiety, are growing ever more common. What do you do?
Getting a New Pet (32)
 What can you do to make bringing a new animal into your home as easy as possible on everyone, including the pet? How can you be sure your pets will get along with each other? How can you introduce them to give the greatest chance of success?
Housetraining (16)
 Most dogs are easy to housetrain, and Kathy Diamond Davis shares everything from the basics to more advanced solutions for tough cases and adults. Even rescue dogs, puppy mill dogs, and dogs with health problems are not impossible to train if you use the right methods.
Puppy Training Tips (10)
 Find out how to guarantee that your puppy will be a veritable Lassie among puppies, the star of the dog park, a Rover who never roves, a non-eater of couches. And don't believe the myth that you can't train a puppy. Puppies learn things from the moment they open their eyes, and you can and should teach your new family member how to adapt to life in a human pack from the moment you bring him or her home.

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