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Maybe you're in search of more information about a medication your cat is taking, or want to research a feline medical condtion. Or you have questions about proper nutrition for your cat, or caring for your cat's teeth. First aid and emergency preparedness, dental care, feline behavior, or fleas might be on your mind! Whatever you're looking for, if it's information that will make your cat happier and healthier, you'll find it here!

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Protect your Pet
As pets take on a more important role in our lives, they are increasingly a part of our holiday festivities. I love the holidays, but emergency veterinarians like me definitely see more pets in our ERs as people cook, bake and visit their way toward the new year. I hope this information helps keep your pet safe during all the fun.

Bunny Love Gone Bad
The incident got on my nerves because it exemplifies everything that's wrong about children's pets. In a word: parents. If parents aren't going to behave like grown-ups and make sensible, responsible decisions, the wonderful promise that is a children's pet too often ends miserably, both for the child and for the animal. With Easter just around the corner, it's time to remind people that although pets can be wonderful for children, it's up to adults to see that any animal is a proper fit for the family and is not neglected.

Small Dogs Need Behavior Training Too
While not all small dogs are so ill-mannered, one does tend to meet more small canine miscreants than large ones. It's not that small dogs are prone to bad behavior, mind you, but rather that the owners of small dogs tend to overlook behavior problems that would be absolutely intolerable in a 50-, 80- or 100-pound dog.

Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma
The oral squamous cell carcinoma does not spread as you normally think of a cancer spreading, but it's so locally invasive that it carries a poor prognosis. The only hope of good survival comes from early detection. Learn what to look for and what important risk factors are.

Monthly Check Will Keep Your Cat Healthy
To keep your cat healthy, you must be able to recognize what is normal for your pet so you can tell when something isn't right. Changes in appetite, drinking habits, litter-box routines, grooming, and even a change in the sound of your cat's voice can all mean trouble -- and should mean a trip to the veterinarian.

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VetzInsight: A Different Place to Learn
The same folks who provide Veterinary Partner also offer a blog called VetzInsight. Rather than explain what occurs in a disease process and how to treat it - which was Veterinary Partner offers - our goal is not only to inform on larger issues but to tap into the numerous emotions at play within the human-animal bond. We're here to learn and have fun. If you're interested in learning more about a broader look at veterinary medicine, the veterinarians, the clients, and the patients, VetzInsight is a great learning experience.

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